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Kasprzak, S., A. Komninos, and P. Barrie, "Feature-Based Indoor Navigation Using Augmented Reality", 9th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 2013), Athens, Greece, IEEE, pp. 100–107, 2013.  (5.09 MB)
Komninos, A., P. Barrie, and J. Besharat, "Helping Tourists to Plan Activities with Shared Urban Social Context", Smart Sociable City Workshop, 9th IEEE Intl. Conf. on Intelligent Environments, Athens, Greece, IOS Press, 2013.  (2.74 MB)
Komninos, A., P. Barrie, V. Stefanis, and A. Plessas, "Urban exploration using audio scents", Proceedings of the 14th international conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services, San Francisco, USA, ACM, pp. 349–358, 2012.  (622.22 KB)
Smit, P., P. Barrie, A. Komninos, and O. Mandrychenko, ii, "Mirrored Motion: Augmenting Reality and Implementing Whole Body Gestural Control Using Pervasive Body Motion Capture Based on Wireless Sensors", Whole Body Interaction: Springer London, pp. 35–50, 2011.  (3.25 MB)
Komninos, A., B. MacDonald, and P. Barrie, "Socio-technical Factors in the Deployment of Participatory Pervasive Systems in Non-Expert Communities", Pervasive Computing and Communications Design and Deployment: Technologies, Trends, and Applications: IGI Global, pp. 296, 2011.  (3.69 MB)
Mandrychenko, ii, O., P. Barrie, and A. Komninos, "Gestural Control of Pervasive Systems using a Wireless Sensor Body Area Network", Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW'09), Workshop in conjunction with MobileHCI'09, 2009.  (89.98 KB)
Komninos, A., P. Barrie, and J. Newman, "The Incidental Approach to Mobile Healthcare", Designing with Care Workshop, 3rd Intl. Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, London, UK, IEEE, 2009.  (609.2 KB)
Smit, P., P. Barrie, and A. Komninos, "Mirrored Motion: Pervasive Body Motion Capture using Wireless Sensors", Whole Body Interaction Workshop, ACM CHI '09, Boston, USA, ACM, 2009.  (247.77 KB)
Barrie, P., A. Komninos, and O. Mandrychenko, ii, "A pervasive gesture-driven augmented reality prototype using wireless sensor body area networks", Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Mobile Technology, Application & Systems, Nice, France, ACM, pp. 61, 2009.  (263.79 KB)
Komninos, A., L. Baillie, and P. Barrie, "Holistic PIM: Managing personal information for a nomadic generation", 3rd International Workshop on Personal Information Management (PIM2008), CHI '08, Florence, Italy, ACM, 2008.  (91.46 KB)
Komninos, A., R. Wallace, and P. Barrie, "Mobile empathy: putting the mobile device in its user's shoes", Proceedings of the 5th Nordic conference on Human-computer interaction: building bridges, Lund, Sweden, ACM, pp. 483–486, 2008.  (152.63 KB)
Komninos, A., and P. Barrie, "Monitoring of Facial Characteristic Movement for the Control of Mobile Devices: Issues and Recommendations", 12th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Beijing, China, Springer, 2007.  (61.09 KB)
Komninos, A., P. Barrie, J. Newman, and S. Landsburgh, "me-Commerce: An Infrastructure for Personal Predictive Mobile Commerce", Mobile Business, 2006. ICMB'06. International Conference on, Copenhagen, Denmark, IEEE, pp. 39–39, 2006.  (221.55 KB)
Komninos, A., P. Barrie, and J. Newman, "me-Commerce: Predictive Personal Shopping Infrastructures", Intl. Symposium on Intelligent Environments (IE06), Cambridge, UK, Microsoft, 2006.  (23.64 KB)