New publication: Measuring Inviscid Text Entry Using Image Description Tasks

We argue that measuring the Inviscid text entry rate requires new evaluation methods that support freeform text entry and that are not based on the traditional transcription/copy tasks. In this position paper we propose use of image description tasks and share some of our experiences of using this new language agnostic task type for free form text entry.

Dunlop, M. D., Nicol E., Komninos A., Dona P., & Durga N. (2016).  Measuring Inviscid Text Entry Using Image Description Tasks. CHI’16 Workshop on Inviscid Text Entry and Beyond. San Jose, CA.
Download full text: 

New publication: Gestural Control of Pervasive Systems using a Wireless Sensor Body Area Network

This paper describes the prototype implementation of a pervasive, wearable gestural input and control system based on a full body-motion-capture system using low-power wireless sensors. Body motion is used to implement a whole body gesture-driven interface to afford control over ambient computing devices.

Mandrychenko, ii, O., Barrie P., & Komninos A. (2009).  Gestural Control of Pervasive Systems using a Wireless Sensor Body Area Network. Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW'09), Workshop in conjunction with MobileHCI'09. ..

Smartphone Notifications Dataset available for download

We have released a rich dataset containing 176,195 logged notifications received on the Android devices of 14 users, in the period between 2018-05-07 and 2018-06-05. The dataset accompanies our publication Komninos, A., Frengkou E., & Garofalakis J. (2018). Predicting User Responsiveness to Smartphone Notifications for Edge Computing. 2018 European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-18). Larnaca, Cyprus, Springer. .

Please free to use for your own research, citing our work if you found the dataset useful.