Usability Evaluation Methods - an introduction [Greek]

I presented a short lecture on usability evaluation methods at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (School of Informatics).

Obviously it's impossible to cover everything in a short lecture, so the talk focused on the origins of UEM, the concept of UX, the need for multidisciplinarity and combinatory approaches to using UEM and an example from my latest (yet unpublished work).

The slides are available here as an attachment [in Greek].

Invited Talk: Dissecting the knowledge areas of a popular mobile application

How does a massively popular application like Instagram work? What goes on behind the scenes? What knowledge must a team of developers have to develop a service like Instagram? Together with colleague Vassilios Stefanis, I gave a presentation in the context of the 1st Summer School in ICT at the University of Patras (CEID), directed to prospective students (high-school age).