Using 3D audio for navigation in Android

I have uploaded the code for our SoNav prototype on Github, for any researchers interested in building 3D audio navigation apps for Android.

The prototype uses the concept of an "audio scent" - after a route has been calculated for the user, the route "emits" a continuous sound which the user can perceive using 3D audio delivered by their headphones. As the user walks further from the route, the level of the audio diminishes to let them know they have strayed too far.

Using mobile app usage data to inform the planning of urban infrastructure in public transport systems

As a technical consultant to the municipality of Patras (Greece), I have been involved in the planning and deployment of a public transport information system, including vehicle telematics, intelligent signage and public-facing mobile and web apps. My role in the project was to build the project specifications and monitor the project progress on behalf of the city.

M.Sc. student discusses his dissertation for Huffington Post (Greece)

Dimitrios Gravos, my M.Sc. student at the University of Patras, was interviewed about his thesis work for the Huffington Post (Greece). Dimitrios created "Augmentor", an AR-driven educational app that works in the context of museums and that allows visitors to go hunting for information on the exhibits, in a game of questions that is designed to enhance their knowledge and provide an educational interactive experience.