New publication: Ζητήματα Ανάπτυξης Συστημάτων Διάχυτου Υπολογισμού που Σχετίζονται με τον Άνθρωπο και την Κοινωνία (Issues on the development of Ubiquitous Computing Systems related to Humans and the Society)

New publication: Icon Design for Landmark Importance in Mobile Maps

Markers denoting the location of landmarks and search results in mobile apps are used extensively in many applications. The presence of large volumes of markers clutters the information space, making it hard for users to visually differentiate between highly important or recommended locations, or to browse the depicted locations in order to identify suitable choices. In this paper, we present the results of a participatory design process to improve the utility of marker icons in a tourist application. We explore three alternative designs derived from this process by implementing and testing a mobile application that recommends venues based on their popularity (check-in count) in a well-known social network (FourSquare). Our lab experiments highlight aesthetic, utility and performance issues in marker design that affect the usability of mobile map applications.

Lioli, D., & Komninos A. (2016).  Icon Design for Landmark Importance in Mobile Maps. 20th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI2016). Patras, Greece, ACM. DOI:10.1145/3003733.3003742
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New publication: Usability of Visibly Adaptive Smartphone keyboard layouts

We present two touchscreen smartphone keyboard interface designs which dynamically alter key sizes as the user types and highlight likely key targets, based on word completion predictions. Although we find a speed reduction and no accuracy advantage with these methods over standard QWERTY, the text entry experience on mobile devices with these designs is significantly better for users.

Gkoumas, A., Komninos A., & Garofalakis J. (2016).  Usability of Visibly Adaptive Smartphone keyboard layouts. 20th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI2016). Patras, Greece, ACM. DOI:10.1145/3003733.3003743
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