One Size Fits All? Definitely Not in Task-Oriented Design for Mobile & Ubiquitous UX

In this new article for the Interaction Design Foundation, I write about the role of Responsive and Adaptive UX Design in Ubiquitous Computing.

"In the 1980s and ‘90s, our technology-loving civilization rode the wave of Personal Computing – one computer per person. As computers became smaller and less expensive to produce, every worker—or indeed, every person—could have one at his/her disposal. With the rapid rise of Ubiquitous and Mobile computing, the situation had certainly changed by the 2010s. It’s more or less fair to say that every person is the owner and user of many computers, desktops or laptops, tablets and—of course—smartphones. We receive our computing services even from things that don’t look like computers at all—for example, Amazon’s Alexa or smartwatches. What does this mean for UX design? How can we design experiences that take this variety in computing resources and interfaces into account and help ourselves optimize our results? Let’s find out."