URQUELL: Using wrist-based gestural interaction to discover POIs in urban environments

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


WristSense 2018: Workshop on Sensing Systems and Applications Using Wrist Worn Smart Devices, Co-located with IEEE PerCom'18, IEEE, Athens, Greece (2018)


gestural interaction, location based services, multimodal interaction, wrist sensors


In this paper, we discuss the implementation of a prototype application (URQUELL) for the opportunistic discovery of POIs in a urban environment, and the multimodal, non-visual interaction with the system to retrieve details about these. The application works by pointing a smartphone or a wrist- worn sensor kit towards a physical venue location of interest. By retrieving information about the venue pointed at over various APIs, the application presents these to the users via high quality text-to-speech synthesis, negating the need to interact with the smartphone, which can be kept in a user’s pocket at all times. Here, we discuss the implementation details of our prototype and outline future research directions.

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