The ACM MobileHCI co-author universe

Playing around with data from DBLP and the network visualisation / analysis softwared called Gephi, I made a map showing the paper authors and collaborations at the well-known ACM MobileHCI conference, spanning the years 2002-2018.

In this visualisation, the nodes are authors, and links to another author mean they have at least one paper together. The strength of the link shows how many papers an author has co-authored with another author. Similarly the size of the author node (and label) shows how many papers this author has contributed to MobileHCI, including short and long papers (papers in adjunct proceedings are counted too).

I also made a short video showing the "universe" expanding from a random-placement square configuration, to something more like the constellations you see in the pictures.

You can download the map as a PDF file, which is super-zoomable :) Have fun!