WiseType: A Tablet Keyboard with Color-Coded Visualization and Various Editing Options for Error Correction

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Graphics Interface - 45th Annual Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction (GI2019), Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society, Kingston, Canada (2019)




auto-correction, backspace, Error Correction, error detection, predictive text, text entry, Touchscreen, virtual keyboard


To address the problem of improving text entry accuracy in mobile devices, we present a new tablet keyboard that offers both immediate and delayed feedback on language quality through auto-correction, prediction, and grammar checking. We combine different visual representations for grammar and spelling errors, accepted predictions, auto-corrections, as well as support interactive swiping/tapping features and improved interaction with previous errors, predictions, and auto-corrections. We also added smart error correction features to the system to decrease the overhead of correcting errors and decrease the number of operations. We designed the new input method with an iterative user-centered approach through multiple pilot studies. To determine the effect of our approach, we conducted a lab-based study used a refined methodology and found that WiseType outperforms a standard keyboard in terms of text entry speed and error rate. The study shows that color-coded text background highlighting and underlining of potential mistakes in combination with fast correction methods can improve writing speed and accuracy.


Michael A.J. Sweeney award for Best Student Paper

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