Reflections on design workshops with older adults for touchscreen mobile text entry

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Interaction Design and Architecture(s) Journal - IxD&A, Volume 20, p.70-85 (2014)



Mobile Text Entry, Older Adults, Participatory Design


On touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets, text entry
remains key to many tasks and is an important factor in the usability of such
devices. The physical and cognitive issues associated with ageing can make the
known problems of text entry particularly acute for older adults. Poor usability
can present a significant problem for older adults where accessing services and
social activities are concerned, both of which have implications for exclusion. In a
study of mobile text entry where we aimed to develop novel keyboard layouts to
address the particular requirements of this group of users we employed a variety
of participatory design techniques. We report on our experiences from employing
these methods and the methodological implications for further research in this

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