This is How We Roll: Cultural Traits in Check-in Behaviour

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


Seventh IEEE International Workshop on Selected Topics in Wireless and Mobile computing (STWiMob 2014), IEEE, Larnaca, Cyprus (2014)


Check-ins, human-physical interaction, urban social context


We describe our analysis of three months worth of collected human-physical environment interactions (foursquare check-in) data for two European cities: a medium-sized city in the Mediterranean and a larger city in North West Europe. Our analysis shows that though the data generated by the citizens is scarce (i.e. on average less than 15 users checked in at any time during the day), nevertheless they can closely reflect a city’s dynamics. The paper also discusses the strong suggestion of emergent cultural traits from the data and its use to power new pervasive applications based on human-physical interaction.

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