Presenting at IEEE Pervasive Health 2015

I presented our paper titled "Using Degraded Music Quality to Encourage a Health Improving Walking Pace: BeatClearWalker" at the 2015 IEEE Pervasive Health conference, in Istanbul, Turkey.
BeatClearWalker is a smartphone fitness application to help users learn how to walk at a moderate cadence and maintain that cadence. We apply real-time audio effects that diminish the audio quality of music when the target walking cadence is not being reached. This provides an immersive and intuitive application that can easily be integrated into everyday life as allows users to walk while listening to their own music and encourages eyes-free interaction. In this paper, we introduce our approach, design, initial lab evaluation and a controlled outdoor study. Results show that using music degradation decreases the number of below-cadence steps, that users felt they worked harder with our player and would use it while exercise walking.

You can read more about our work here: