NotifHUEcations - New app released on Play Store

Today I released a new app on Play Store, called NotifHUEcations. It's meant to work together with the Philips Hue system.
Feel free to check it out and send me any feedback! You can download the app here
A video can be found here

NotifHUEcations monitors all notifications generated by the apps living in your Android device, and transfers them to your Philips Hue system at home. It's just like being notified by your phone's LED, only much more visible and controllable by you!

All Android notifications can cause your phone's LED to blink, when the device is sleeping. With NotifHUEcations, you no longer need to worry about being near your phone to notice an incoming message, a phonecall, Facebook or Twitter event. In fact, you don't have to worry about missing any event from any app on your device! Compared to other apps, like IFTTT, you don't have to set-up complex rules for each individual app. It all works right out of the box.

Simply select the light, or lights in your home to which you want your notifications to go. They will light up with the appropriate colour, when your phone receives a notification. Dismissing the notification or opening the app that invoked it, will make the lights turn off.

You can leave the service permanently on, or allow it to only run at a schedule that you prefer.

NotifHUEcations is still under development - please make sure to let me know what other features you would like!