2nd place winners in CrowdPolicy's 2015 Tourism Hackathon (Athens, Greece)

Together with a team of very talented students from the University of Patras, we succeeded in securing the 2nd place award, in a hackathon focusing on tourism apps that took place between 17-18 October 2015.

The hackathon was organised by CrowdPolicy and supported by SETE, the Greek Tourism business Confederation, Google and other major industry firms. Between heavy competition from 170 participants who formed 26 teams, my team managed to win the 2nd place award for the HotCity application concept.

Our idea was to provide a service that allows users to print out a Google map from anywhere in the world, and make it recognisable to an Augmented Reality application, which enhances the paper map by overlaying digital information on it. We source this info from external APIs such as Foursquare.

A short video of our service can be found below and you can download the presentation from the hackathon (in Greek).