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Andreas Komninos, Lynne Baillie and Peter Barrie. 2008. Holistic PIM: Managing personal information for a nomadic generation, In Proc. 3rd International Workshop on Personal Information Management (PIM2008), CHI '08, Florence, Italy. ACM..  (91.46 KB)
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Andreas Komninos. 2005. Personal Predictive Internet Content Pre-caching for Mobile Devices, Ph.D. Thesis. Computer & Information Science, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.  (1.12 MB)
Andreas Komninos and Mark D. Dunlop. 2004. Keyword based categorisation of diary entries to support personal Internet content pre-caching on mobile devices, In Proc. 2nd Intl. Workshop on Mobile and Ubiquitous Information Access, Mobile HCI '04, Glasgow, UK. Springer..  (117.84 KB)
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