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Andreas Komninos, Mark D. Dunlop and John N. Wilson. 2021. Combining Infrastructure Sensor and Tourism Market Data in a Smart City Project—Case Study 1, In Intelligent Computing for Interactive System Design: Statistics, Digital Signal Processing, and Machine Learning in Practice. Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA. DOI:  (5.92 MB)
Apostolos Fournaris, Andreas Komninos, Aris Lalos, Athanasios Kalogeras, Christos Koulamas and Dimitrios Serpanos. 2019. Design and Run-time aspects of Secure Cyber Physical Systems, In Biffl S., Eckhart M., Lüder A. & Weippl E. (eds.), Security and Quality in Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering. Springer, Cham, Switzerland. DOI: ISBN:978-3-030-25312-7.
Georgios Georgiadis, Andreas Komninos, Andreas Koskeris and John Garofalakis. 2021. Implementing an Integrated Internet of Things System (IoT) for Hydroponic Agriculture, In Data Science and Internet of Things: Research and Applications at the Intersection of DS and IoT. Springer International Publishing, Cham. DOI:
Philip Smit, Peter Barrie, Andreas Komninos and Oleks Mandrychenko, ii. 2011. Mirrored Motion: Augmenting Reality and Implementing Whole Body Gestural Control Using Pervasive Body Motion Capture Based on Wireless Sensors, In Whole Body Interaction. Springer, London, UK. DOI:  (3.25 MB)
John Garofalakis, Ioannis Georgoulas, Andreas Komninos, Periklis Ntentopoulos and Athanasios Plessas. 2015. Sensing Airports’ Traffic by Mining Location Sharing Social Services, In Current Trends in Web Engineering: 15th International Conference, ICWE 2015 Workshops, NLPIT, PEWET, SoWEMine, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 23-26, 2015. Revised Selected Papers. Springer, Cham, Switzerland. DOI:  (789.27 KB)
Andreas Komninos, Brian MacDonald and Peter Barrie. 2011. Socio-technical Factors in the Deployment of Participatory Pervasive Systems in Non-Expert Communities, In Pervasive Computing and Communications Design and Deployment: Technologies, Trends, and Applications. IGI Global, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA. DOI:  (3.69 MB)
Conference Paper
Emma Nicol, Mark D. Dunlop, Andreas Komninos, Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Lynne Baillie, Parisa Eslambolchilar, Pin Sym Foong, Paul Gault, Lilit Hakobyan, Jo Lumsden, et al.. 2015. 2nd Workshop on Designing with Older Adults: Towards a Complete Methodology, In Proc. Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct, New York, NY, USA. ACM, 908–911. DOI:  (675.57 KB)
Andreas Komninos and Mark D. Dunlop. 2017. Adding mid-air gestures to help editing on smartwatch text entry, In Proc. ACM CHI 2017 Workshop on Ubiquitous Text Interaction, Denver, Colorado, USA..  (382.87 KB)
Andreas Komninos, Neil Cameron, Colin Feron, Richard Allan and Alistair Lindsay. 2008. AmbientDJ: Enabling Interaction between People and Socially Aware Environments., In Proc. 3rd International Workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW2008), MobileHCI '08, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ACM, 93–104. .  (85.2 KB)
Andreas Komninos, Athanasios Plessas, Vasilios Stefanis and John Garofalakis. 2011. Application of dimensionality reduction techniques for mobile social context, In Proc. Proceedings of the 13th international conference on Ubiquitous computing, Beijing, China. ACM, 583–584. DOI:  (193.04 KB)
Athanasios Plessas, Olga Georgiadou, Vasilios Stefanis, John Garofalakis and Andreas Komninos. 2015. Assessing Physical Location as a Potential Contextual Cue For Adaptive Mobile Contact Lists, In Proc. 14th IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Communications, Liverpool, UK. IEEE. DOI:  (1.5 MB)
Andreas Komninos, Mark D. Dunlop and Lynne Baillie. 2007. Augmenting entry: the possibilities for utilizing geo-referenced information to improve mobile calendar applications, In Proc. Mobile Spatial Interaction Workshop, CHI '07, San Jose, USA. ACM..  (33.81 KB)
Christos Alexakos, Andreas Komninos, Christos Anagnostopoulos, George Kalogeras, Alkiviadis Savvopoulos and Athanasios Kalogeras. 2019. Building an Industrial IoT Infrastructure with open Source Software for Smart Energy, In Proc. First International Conference on Societal Automation, Krakow, Poland. IEEE. DOI:  (495.09 KB)
Andreas Komninos and Mark D. Dunlop. 2005. Calendar based contextual information as an internet content pre-caching tool, In Proc. 2nd Information Retrieval in Context Workshop (IRiX), 28th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference, Salvador, Brazil. ACM Press..  (45.65 KB)
Vasilios Stefanis, Andreas Komninos and John Garofalakis. 2020. Challenges in Mobile Text Entry using Virtual Keyboards for Low-Vision Users, In Proc. 19th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM 2020), Essen, Germany. ACM. DOI:  (1.49 MB)
Andreas Komninos. 2019. Challenges in multimodal notifications for monitoring cyberphysical systems, In Proc. First International Conference on Societal Automation, Krakow, Poland. IEEE. DOI:  (1.58 MB)
Andreas Komninos, Athanasios Plessas, Vasilios Stefanis and John Garofalakis. 2011. Context Dimensionality Reduction for Mobile Personal Information Access., In Proc. International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval (KDIR '11), Paris, France. IC3K, 493–498. .  (197.79 KB)
Andreas Komninos, Emma Nicol and Mark D. Dunlop. 2015. Designed with Older Adults to Support Better Error Correction in SmartPhone Text Entry: The MaxieKeyboard, In Proc. Adjunct proc. of the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services, Copenhagen, Denmark. ACM. DOI:  (1.12 MB)
Dimitrios Liarokapis, Alireza Shahrabi and Andreas Komninos. 2009. DibA: An adaptive broadcasting scheme in mobile ad hoc networks, In Proc. 7th Annual Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research (CNSR'09)., Moncton, Canada. IEEE, 224–231. DOI:  (708.12 KB)
Eirini Lagiou, Andreas Komninos and John Garofalakis. 2014. Discovering And Using The Context Of Distance Learning Activities For The Development Of Pervasive Learning Tools, In Proc. 6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN 2014), Barcelona. IATED..  (798.44 KB)
Andreas Komninos, Ioulia Simou, Elton Frengkou and John Garofalakis. 2019. Discovering User Location Semantics using Mobile Notification Handling Behaviour, In Proc. 15th European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI'19), Rome, Italy. Springer. DOI:
Best paper nomination
 (2.1 MB)
Andreas Komninos, Angeliki Tsiouma, Georgia Gogoulou and John Garofalakis. 2022. Don’t look up: The Cost of Attention to Stimulus Phrases in Mobile Text Entry Evaluations, In Proc. 26th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics with International Participation, Athens, Greece. ACM. DOI:  (3.31 MB)
Vasilios Stefanis, Athanasios Plessas, Andreas Komninos and John Garofalakis. 2012. Efficient Support of Context-Driven Interfaces for Mobile Devices, In Proc. 16th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI '12), Piraeus, Greece. IEEE, 363–368. DOI:  (282.25 KB)