Invited Talk: Dissecting the knowledge areas of a popular mobile application

How does a massively popular application like Instagram work? What goes on behind the scenes? What knowledge must a team of developers have to develop a service like Instagram? Together with colleague Vassilios Stefanis, I gave a presentation in the context of the 1st Summer School in ICT at the University of Patras (CEID), directed to prospective students (high-school age).

Invited talk: New ICT technologies in the quality of life for neurocognitive disease patients

I was extended a kind invitation to give a short talk on new technologies relating to the quality of life for neurocognitive disease patients (e.g. Alzheimer's), during the 6th Panhellenic Psychiatric Convention for Primary Healthcare. My talk focused on a short introduction to the concept of Ubiquitous Computing and presented a range of case studies in the use of UbiComp systems in


Using 3D audio for navigation in Android

I have uploaded the code for our SoNav prototype on Github, for any researchers interested in building 3D audio navigation apps for Android.

The prototype uses the concept of an "audio scent" - after a route has been calculated for the user, the route "emits" a continuous sound which the user can perceive using 3D audio delivered by their headphones. As the user walks further from the route, the level of the audio diminishes to let them know they have strayed too far.