Using data from Social Media to inform urban interventions [Greek only]

I gave an invited talk at a 2-day workshop (17-18/3/2015) titled "Sustainable Mobility in the context of the Smart City". The talk focused on the potential of harvested data from social media, as a cheap and valuable resource that can inform urban planning.

The slides are attached (however, it's in Greek only!).

Visualising Urban Social Context in Patras, Greece [Video]

As part of my ongoing research, I have been collecting Foursquare check-in data for the city of Patras since June 2012. Recently I made a short video that shows the spatial analysis of these check-ins for two months (21/11/2014-21/1/2015) and depicts the city's urban social context for that period.

You can see the video here

Materials from "Designing Human-Centred Pervasive Systems" - Summer School in cooperation with BEST (University of Patras Chapter)

BEST Patras Summer Course 2014 took place in Patras, Greece on 13-23th of July. Together with the students running the local BEST chapter, we organised this summer course involving 24 students from all over Europe. The purpose was to provide an introduction to Ubiquitous Computing and teach the students the process of converting an idea for a mobile app, to a design that can be tested with real participants.

Here you can find attached all the lecture and interactive session slides from the course. The topics are as follows: