Building an Industrial IoT Infrastructure with open Source Software for Smart Energy

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


First International Conference on Societal Automation, IEEE, Krakow, Poland (2019)


industrial IoT, IoT architecture, open source software, smart energy


Internet of Things is the cornerstone of most of the modern technological achievements and one of the biggest sources of data. The millions of Mbytes generated by telemetry sensors are already used for statistical analysis or the creation of prediction models used in various applications in the area of smart cities, smart building, smart health, smart energy, etc. From the other hand, the expansion of IoT forced the need of more standardized approaches such the ones used in industrial automation. The Industrial Internet of Things, as part of Industry 4.0 concept, promotes the cyber physical systems (CPS) as sensors and actuators that will build the modern automation world in and out of the factories. This article studies the IIoT reference architectures and the existing open source IoT platforms for proposing an integrated architecture for installing IIoT infrastructure that can collect and analyze big volume of data, easy and with low cost. The approach is evaluated in a smart building scenario.

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