Presentation on HCI and Text Entry for the EESTEC Global Challenge 2020 (Patras Local Round)

I gave a presentation on core User-Centered Design processes and challenges for modern text entry methods, in the context of the local round for the EESTEC Global Challenge 2020, taking place at the University of Patras.

The slides are here (Greek only).


Smartphone Notifications and Locations Dataset

We have released a rich dataset containing 229,792 logged notifications received on the Android devices of 44 users, in the period between 2018-12-19 and 2019-05-03. The dataset accompanies our publication Komninos, A., Simou I., Frengkou E., & Garofalakis J. (2019). Discovering User Location Semantics using Mobile Notification Handling Behaviour. 15th European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI'19). Rome, Italy, Springer. DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-34255-5_15